In the beginning….

25 Sep

Greetings! Welcome to the view from my corner of the MBA-at-Darden-world.

I probably gave far too much thought to what I should name this blog — or, at least my husband would argue that I did (more on him later). It probably still isn’t exactly what I was going for but, overall, I feel satisfied.  “The point of departure” accurately describes the way I feel about being at Darden… it is the beginning of an amazing journey.

It’s been two months since I arrived in Charlottesville, and about 6 weeks since the program at Darden began. Here’s a quick recap of what you’ve missed — fun at the corner, amazing burgers at Boylan Heights, the beginning of many great friendships, a mini-meltdown prompted by a misunderstanding of sorts between me and my new friend, Crystal Ball, a few visits to the vineyards, countless long nights of studying, many moments of reflection, a round of exams, and the best end-of-term party EVER….

I invite you to join me at this point of departure and read on about the exciting, frustrating, embarrassing, fun, and confusing moments that are surely to come. Surely (and perhaps even regrettably) I will be honest and vulnerable and will probably even take a stab at being funny…. Hope you enjoy!

Here we go!!

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