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My thoughts about a month in….

10 Dec

Earlier this week, I came across the writing sample I submitted to become a Darden student blogger. It made me smile, so I thought I’d share.

The walk from Ivy Gardens, the apartment complex where I live, is about a five minute walk to school. I realize five minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but that ten minute walk back and forth from school is, arguably, when some of the most important things in my day happen. (As you may have heard, Darden students are kept quite busy – an understatement, frankly – so there is little “free” time to do the things that, before Darden, I took for granted.) So, I use these ten minutes to do the things that keep me grounded. I call my mom and ask her about her day. I send a group text to friends confirming that, yes, I am still alive! I plug in a set of headphones, pump up the volume and listen to the music that reminds me of home. Sometimes, I think of nothing – something you soon learn to appreciate.

Today, on my way to school, I reflected. Likely because this is the last day of term 1 and I happen to be a sentimental gal who always ponders the meaning of beginnings and endings, but whatever the reason, I couldn’t help but reflect on my last month at Darden. I thought about that first DA class, when I was so overwhelmed by the experience of not understanding that I was almost brought to tears. (Okay, fine. Maybe I DID cry, but it was just a little, and nobody saw!) I reflected about Charlie, who sits next to me in DA, and who since then, always peeks at my spreadsheet and looks for signs that I’m following along, offering his support when I’m not.  I thought about the deep relationships I have started to build. Most importantly, I thought about the personal lessons I have learned in the last month – lessons about confronting my fears and challenging myself; about the importance of leaning on the members of my learning team, not just for their quantitative skills, but also for their ability to make me laugh; and lessons about the art of letting things go.

Before I realized it, I had already reached Saunders Hall. My walk was over but before reaching for the door, I gave one last mental look at everything I had just pondered. Nothing like a little reflection to keep you coming back for more.