What’s Next?

25 Jan

Just four months ago I started one of the most challenging and amazing journeys of my life. If you had told me before starting Darden all the life lessons I’d learn and how drastically different I’d come to view the world in just four months, I might not have believed you.

After a very long and amazing break — from which I returned to Charlottesville grateful for 8 hours of sleep a night, home cooking, time spent with my husband & family, tv, and post holiday sales at the mall — I began my second semester Darden. I am at the edge of my seat waiting to see what the next four months have in store. I realize there will be many surprises, but thought I’d share the events/adventures I’m most looking forward to:

1- Day at Darden & Darden Days — These days, my to-do list has packed in an increasing number of action items, as the Student Admissions Committee prepares to welcome newly admitted (Round 1) students to Darden. I am excited for these months of work and planning to come to fruition with the first event, Day at Darden, just around the corner, on February 10th. I look forward to meeting potential members of the Class of 2014. (I can hardly believe it was already a year ago I came to the same event, deposit in hand, having recently received my acceptance letter!)

2 – Recruiting Victories — I returned from my break excited to hear good news from friends and classmates, who have either landed interviews or received summer internship offers at some of the best firms in the country. There’s more great news to come, as people continue the recruiting season. I look forward to many celebrations after all these months of networking, interview prep, and hard work.

3 – Brazil & Israel — As part of the school’s Global Business Exchange program, I will be traveling for 2 weeks to Brazil in March — less than 2 months away! — and another 2 weeks to Israel in May. I can go on and on about how amazing the itinerary is and how great the projects we’ll be working on will be. Mostly, I’m excited about the time spent with friends and the unforgettable experience I’ll be sure to have.

4 – All things Darden — Super corny and all-encompassing, I know… but, I just look forward to all things Darden: another two months with my section; Foxfield; the conclusion of Darden Cup; spending more time with friends; working on cases that frustrate me, only to come to love them; continued access to unlimited quantities of free tea and coffee; exploring Charlottesville’s many amazing restaurants…

5 – Finally, I look forward to thinking about and planning for a semester spent abroad. Currently, I’m flirting with the idea of spending next fall in either Australia, France, Spain or Italy. (I’ll keep you posted).





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