Clean teeth, men in heels, and more

After a busy week, I thought I’d take a break to review some of the recent and upcoming excitement that has kept me going–and frankly, surviving– the insanity (and the wonder) that is the life of a first year Darden students. In no particular order, here are the top five moments:

5. Global Business Exchange — Tomorrow marks the beginning of registration for the Global Business Exchange (GBE). GBE is a 2 week course that takes place over Spring Break, when we get to travel to a country and focus on business issues and practices relevant to that country, or a business in that country, etc. This year, students are bidding on Argentina, China, Brazil, India, Israel, Spain, South Africa and Sweden. I am super pumped about the opportunity to travel with friends and broaden my perspective. (The prospect of partying in Brazil sweetens the deal!)

4. Men in heels!  — Today I had the chance to gather with friends before learning team to cheer on 10 of our classmates (2 from each section) as they — did I mention these were male  classmates?! — ran a race in heels — as in women’s heels — in support of Domestic Violence Month! It was a great way to unwind, have a good laugh, and show some section spirit. (In case you were wondering, Section C — that’s my section — won the race!)

3. WACC — Turns out finance is not that wack after all. (Get it? Wack? As in, “not cool”. Think 90’s lingo). In fact, learning about WACC this week (the weighted average cost of capital) was pretty awesome. First, because (as usual) my learning team pulled through in helping me to understand this never-heard-before concept. Second, because I got some major brownie points (from myself) for being able to explain to my classmates what is was.  I’d venture to say WACC is actually pretty cool.

2. Speaking of learning team — Mine is pretty awesome. I mean, really awesome. (I hope you guys are reading this, in fact. Thanks for all you do!!!)

1. Clean teeth and sparkling dishes, anyone?  — Okay, this one is big… and exciting! Last week, I went to the National Black MBA conference in Atlanta with about 30 other Darden students. The conference is a huge annual career fair where hundreds of the best companies come together and MBA’s get their network on in high hopes for an interview. (And, yes, we also happened to enjoy Atlanta night life while we were there.) And, guess what?! I interviewed and was offered an intership with Colgate-Palmolive! Woop Woop! Phew! I am very excited about the opportunity and am also very proud of my friends who all did well, building relationships with companies and interviewing.

Well, that’s all I have for this evening. Back to cases I go!

One Response to “Clean teeth, men in heels, and more”

  1. wendels October 17, 2011 at 3:26 am #

    woop woop, congrats homie!

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